The Value of Testing
The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.  

A great quote, but how does it apply to direct marketing?

One word...testing.

Whether you're trying to generate leads or acquire new customers/members, you
should be constantly testing your control package.  Why?

1) To improve your response rate

The control is performing well, but could be generating even more responses.

- Try using more enticing or compelling copy
- Try making the design more eye-catching and inviting
- Try adding components to provide more information

Even though this might result in a more expensive package, an increase in the
number of responses could make it profitable.

2) To reduce your costs

The control is performing well, but could be produced at a less expensive price.

- Eliminate one or more of the components
- Decrease the number of colors used
- Trim down the overall size of the package

By lowering your printing and mailing costs, you might be able to maintain your
current response rate and improve your return-on-investment.

I once worked with a company that was sending out a terrific package with a
personalized letter, a four-color brochure and lift note.  Through testing, the
package was reduced to a simple self-mailer that achieved such great results that
they had to stop mailing for a period of time because their staff couldn't keep up with
all the leads.
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