Being Creative With
Your Envelope
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As I've said before, there are two purposes of the outer envelope: to carry the
contents inside and to get opened.  Sealing it covers the first one, but with all the
mail your prospects get in a day, it’s hard to stand out in the pile.

Depending on your situation, it could be the perfect opportunity to get creative.  
Using different colors, sizes or formats can significantly impact your results.

Different Colors

Visualize your prospects thumbing through their mail when their eyes catch a bright
yellow envelope.  Your piece just leaped over the first obstacle…getting noticed.  
Now it’s up to the teaser copy to get them inside.  

Keep in mind that the colors you choose still need to integrate with the rest of your

Different Sizes

Now imagine your prospects shuffling their stack of mail in an effort to straighten it.  
They notice one being larger in size than the others.  Your prospect picks out your
6” x 10” envelope to look at it first.  Just like that, you’ve hooked them again.

To maximize postal savings, be sure to keep your envelope in the approved aspect
ratio range.  

Different Formats  

If you’ve tried using colors that pop and oversized envelopes, another idea is to use
a showcase window envelope.  Now your eye-catching brochure can show through
the window to entice your prospect to read more.  If you don’t have a colorful
brochure, you could try a translucent paper stock.  It gives a look of prestige while
piquing the curiosity of your prospect.

Remember to allow more time in your schedule because using different formats
usually take longer to produce.

So what have you learned?  That if you combine all the suggestions above, an
oversized, yellow, showcase window envelope will get opened every time?  Not
exactly.  These changes all need to be tested and factored into your return-on-
investment.  While they might be more expensive to produce, they also might bring
in substantially more results to justify the additional cost.  

You’ll never know until you try.
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