Need to get results?
Look no further.
This is a different type of marketing agency.
Built on the principles of honesty, integrity and hard
work, Veit Direct Marketing was created with the
customer in mind.  By providing top-notch direct
marketing know-how and superior customer service,
your projects are sure to be winners.
No matter what your marketing challenge, Veit Direct Marketing
has developed a process for making your project a success:
dentify - Strategy is more than just creating a complex testing matrix.
It's also using design and production to maximize your budget. At Veit
Direct Marketing, we take the time to discuss your goals in order to
produce a plan that exceeds your expectations.  
magine - In the direct marketing piece, copy is everything.  Combined
with eye-catching, functional design, you can rest-assured that your
piece will get opened.  Veit Direct Marketing works with some of the
most creative writers and designers in the business.
mplement - Details, details, details.  In order for any campaign to truly
be a success, the execution must be flawless.  Whether it's acquiring
targeted lists, providing accurate estimates or writing thorough
production instructions, we leave nothing to chance.
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