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I teach a class at the University of Wisconsin called the History of Consumer Movements
in the United States.  Some of the pioneers in this field include Upton Sinclair, Arthur
Kallet, Colston Warne, Ralph Nader and Rachel Carson.  

Most of us take the efforts of the consumer movement for granted because the results
are so ingrained into our daily lives.  Things like safe food, seat belts, air bags, nutrition
labeling, flammability standards, child-resistant containers, clean air and countless others.

A recent rise in the movement is the push toward being green (and I’m not talking about
Kermit the Frog).  As direct marketers we can join in the cause by doing our part to
reduce waste.

Here are a few ideas to make your next campaign more environmentally friendly:

Use recycled paper.  American businesses use over twenty-one million tons of paper
annually.  If half of this were recycled paper, a forest larger than the state of Florida
could be saved every year.

Print with soy ink.  Besides being better for the environment, soy inks also produce
more vibrant colors, have lower rub-off and are cost-effective alternatives to petroleum-
based inks.

Reduce paper.  Whenever possible, eliminate a component or two in your direct mail
package and consider decreasing the size of the components.  Not only will you reduce
waste but you’ll also reduce your printing costs.

Reuse Material.  Oftentimes, reply envelopes or other components without dated
information from previous campaigns can be reused.  If they can’t, be sure your printer or
mailer recycles the leftovers.

Not only will these actions make the world greener, they’ll also conserve the green of
your marketing budget.  For more simple ideas on how you can help save the planet,
The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen.
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