The Check is in the E-mail
(414) 422-9530
faster to create, usually less complicated to produce, often less expensive to distribute
and allows for an immediate response.

That said, entering the e-World should not be taken lightly.  Here are some things to help
you to be successful in your efforts:

Use the Right List
Ultimately, the best list is one you create.  It includes the e-mail addresses of your current
customers and prospects, particularly those indicating a desire to receive communication
electronically.  If you currently don't have any e-mail addresses, one option is to use a
service to append them to your house file.  Another option is to send out a direct mail
postcard that asks for their e-mail addresses and explains why you want them.  Always
provide them with the ability to opt out at any time.  

Should you need to purchase a list, be sure it's from a reputable source.  Most people
view unwanted e-mail as an intrusion of their privacy.  By contrast, regular mail seems
less intrusive and can easily be thrown away.  The last thing you want to do is offend
your audience and damage your company's reputation.

Get to the Point
Keep your message short.  One of the main reasons people use the Internet is because
they want quick bursts of information right now.  Make sure the offer is concise and clear.
Use compelling copy to draw the recipient in and then direct them to where they can learn
more or place an order.

Maintain a Web site
Right or wrong, people look at a Web site like a company brochure.  Even if you don't
plan on selling anything on it, having a Web site can legitimize your business in the eyes
of your customers and prospects.  Give them a reason to visit your site by including
useful information that is frequently updated.

Communicating via e-mail does not eliminate the need for actual human contact.  The
best sales method is still an in-person meeting or a conversation over the phone.  
However, effective use of e-mail marketing can help build one-to-one relationships with
your customers and prospects.
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