The Power of Word of Mouth
Recently, a client of mine referred one of his colleagues to me.  This got me thinking
about the value of word of mouth.

Referrals can be a powerful way to build your business.  Think about it, you’re much
more likely to go to a restaurant a friend raved about over one you heard about on
the radio.  

After all, if your current customers don’t feel comfortable recommending your
product or service, you probably need to be doing a better job.

There are several ways to get things started:

1) Create a Member-Get-A-Member or Refer-A-Friend Program.  These types of
programs encourage customers to refer others to you and reward them when they
do.  Oftentimes, the reward can be minimal either as a free gift or a discount off their
next purchase.

Web site.  People want to know that other people have tried your product or service
and liked it.  If you have happy customers, make sure others know about it.

3) Besides tapping into your client base, develop relationships with other businesses
that might have similar clients but aren’t competitors.  For example, an accountant
and an insurance agent.

Other things to keep in mind:

1) Take good care of your current customers.  It’s much easier to keep an existing
one than acquire a new one.  

2) Be sure you thank the person that referred you the business.  It will make them
want to do it again.  

3) Remember that the type of product or service you provide will be a reflection on
the person who gave the referral.  Make sure you deliver.
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