'Tis The Season
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Much like the real estate industry’s adage: Location, location, location, in direct
Timing is Everything.

You did your homework.  You targeted the right people.  You developed a creative
piece with an enticing offer.  You prefilled the reply form and included a postage-
paid business reply envelope to make it as easy as possible for them to respond.  
So why aren’t they?

Essentially, you’re hoping that your piece arrives at the exact moment your target
audience is ready to respond.  Send the same piece to the same person one month
later and you very well might get a different response.  That’s why multi-drip
campaigns are used.  This is especially important for high-ticket items or long-term
products and services such as insurance and memberships.

Timing is really crucial for seasonal products and services.  In general, these
mailings should be sent a month or two before they're needed.  Many mailers add
one more month around the holiday season because of such intense competition.  
But don’t forget about all those last minute shoppers that purchase on impulse.  
While the initial mailing could be sent a few months prior, a follow-up mailing could
be done to push them over the edge.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding seasonal mailings is that they don’t always
have to tie into the current season.  For example, let’s say a bank wanted to get
more of their checking only customers to open savings accounts.  Even though the
mailing might go out in December when the weather is cold, the creative could focus
on the summer to remind them of all the things they could buy after six months of
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