Making Your Print
Ad Copy POP
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What does direct marketing have to do with print advertising?

A lot.  Many people think direct marketing only involves mailings.  It does, but it’s so
much more.  Whether it’s getting the reader to call an 800 # for an appointment or
directing them to a web address so they can become a member by joining online,
that’s direct marketing.

So unless your ad is strictly image-based, chances are good that you wouldn’t mind
improving your results.  Here are a few tips that might help:

Make the headline important.  You can do this by emphasizing a key benefit or
offering some kind of reward for the prospect to continue reading such as savings or

Be organized.  A good ad tells a story about your product or service and should be
structured as such.

Include the right amount of copy.  This comes from knowing your product or
service.  Some things require more information before purchasing.  If it’s too
complex, the goal of your ad should be to get the reader to request more information.
Keep it interesting.  Even if you have a “can’t miss” product or service, the ad can’
t be boring.  Include a testimonial, give examples that relate directly to the reader’s
life or try using a warm, friendly writing style.

Highlight the call to action.  In other words, make sure the reader knows what you
want them to do.  Restate the offer again and, if applicable, include a coupon.

Also, keep in mind that the best ads have a simple layout.  Don’t try cramming
everything in there or else it will look cluttered.  Keep your sentences short with
varying lengths and use only one main visual.
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