Designed to Mail
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A skillfully designed mail piece is a thing of beauty...the perfect combination of
meaningful graphics and convincing copy.  But there are ways to develop
good-looking creative and be efficient.

Keeping some of the post office's mailing requirements in mind when designing a
mail piece can save a substantial amount of money.  Here are a few things
design-wise to remember:

- Aspect Ratio Range
Simply put, the aspect ratio range is the length of your mail piece divided by the
height.  To qualify for automation rates, this number can't be less than 1.3 or more
than 2.5.  Not only can your piece fail to qualify for automation but you could also
have to pay an additional surcharge in postage because of the irregular size.

- Dark Color
Avoid using dark colors on the mail panel.  Dark fibers or background patterns can
cause interference during postal processing making it easier to be mistaken for part
of the address or barcode information.

- Paper Weight
Postal processing equipment moves mail through a series of belts, rollers and
conveyor wheels.  The mail piece must be flexible enough to properly navigate
through the automated system.  On the flip side, if the mail piece is too thin, it might
catch in the metal joints of the processing equipment or stick together causing
missorts and possible misdelivery of the mail.

- Paper Type
The paper used must have sufficient opacity to prevent any printing on the inside of
the mail piece from showing through to the mail panel where the pieces are read by
machines.  Also, consider avoiding the use of textured paper as it can cause broken
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