Getting the Envelope Opened
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There are two purposes of the outer envelope in a direct mail campaign…to carry
the contents inside and to get opened.  All that’s required to meet the first objective
is to make sure the envelope gets sealed.  Pretty easy, right?  But what about the
second one?  All you need to do is ask yourself the following two questions:

1) Do you need teaser copy?

A utility company I worked with wanted to put teaser copy on the outer envelope for
a membership campaign they were doing.  I asked them this question.  After some
thought, they realized that because they don’t overmail, their logo alone had
opening power.  Most recipients probably thought it was a bill.  Imagine their delight
when they opened it and saw that it wasn’t.

If you decide to use teaser copy, make sure it’s enticing enough to get the recipient
to open it.  

2) Four-color or two?

I worked with a non-profit company that wanted to use a four-color, glossy outer
envelope with lots of graphics and copy on it.  I told them to save their money
because the two-color one with the simple teaser line they used in the previous
campaign worked extremely well.  Nonetheless, they wanted something with a little
more flash and what they got was fewer responses.  The reason?  Their “flashy”
outer envelope had so much copy on it that the recipient knew everything about the
mailing without having to open it.  This took away the opportunity to convince them
of the benefits with the letter copy inside.

Remember, successful direct mail doesn’t have to be pretty, it just needs to get
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