The New Mover Market
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An overlooked demographic in direct marketing is the new mover.

Are you aware that 15-20% of the population moves every year?

According to research, these new movers spend ten times as much as the average
consumer in the first six months after they move.  In addition, new movers typically
spend more in the first year than in the next five years combined.  This translates into
over $150 billion annually.

Consider this:

- People make important decisions at life-changing moments such as births, deaths
and moves.  Insurance companies can take advantage of this by contacting them at
the time when they are most likely to update, increase or change policies.

- These movers need to make new relationships with many
types of businesses as they try to assimilate into their new surroundings.  This
certainly applies to hospitals, banks and almost any retail store or regularly needed

- New movers will also want to immerse themselves into the community by joining
museums and other cultural or social organizations.

- What new move doesn’t come along with fix-it projects?  Home improvement
businesses such as HVAC, paving, fencing, roofing and landscaping will be in demand.

Even if you don’t intend on mailing to this audience, just knowing that over 40 million
people move in a given year should give you enough incentive to keep your internal
list updated.  All you need to do is periodically run your database through a United
States Postal Service certified National Change of Address product.  This is
advantageous because you can:

1) Reduce undeliverable mail by providing the most accurate address information
2) Prevent any re-mailings because corrections are made before they enter the
3) Save money on unnecessary wastage of materials and postage
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