A Better Letter
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A well-crafted letter can make or break a campaign.  It’s the most important
component of the direct mail package.  Simply put, the letter is your salesperson who’
s been invited inside a home and given a chance to convince the recipient to buy,
join or donate.

So it would seem rather important to make a good impression, right?  Here are a few
tips to make the most out of your opportunity:

1) “You” up the copy

People tend to respond better when they think the letter is coming from a real
person.  They don’t want to be thought of as just another record in a database.  By
adding the word “you” throughout the letter, the odds are better that the recipient will
feel the personal touch.  This personalization also applies to the salutation line.  
Whenever possible, address the recipient by their name.  If your budget doesn’t
permit personalization, think of a creative salutation line that describes something
about them.

2) Emphasize the need to respond

What’s in it for them?  Why do they need your product or service?  Don’t just tell
them about all of the features, use the benefits to convince them how much better
their life will be if they respond.  Or, in the case of donations, what kind of impact it
would have on the lives of others.   Clearly state what you want them to do
throughout the copy.  Include testimonials from satisfied customers, if available.

3) Test the length

Don’t be afraid to send a letter longer than one page.  You need to make sure you
include everything necessary to get them to respond without saying too much.  More
often than not, one page is enough.  But, depending on what you’re selling, people
might need more information to make a decision.

4) P.S., use a P.S.

Many times, the P.S. is the first line the recipient reads.  Always make sure to include
one to either repeat your offer or put a sense of urgency on the offer with a deadline.
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